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Logitech UE6000 and UE9000 Noise Canceling Headphones

Read full InnerFidelity story here: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/surprisingly-good-logitec-ue6000-and-ue9000
Beats Never Sleep Productions : I got these repackaged/refurbished for 40$ best deal I've seen on these headphones.
Alex Temby : What's the bass like??
1melahat : Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help me here. I just bought a brand new unopened UE9000 from a private party on eBay and they worked great with my Samsung S4 for two days but then I commited the sin of trying to pair them with my iPad3. I put them in pairing mode and selected "pair" from the iPad but then after a minute of the spinning wheel the pairing process seemed to hang so I shut off the UE9000 so I could retry but now the darn thing is dead! The battery was fully charged so I know it's not a battery issue. Not only will it not turn on, it won't go into pairing mode or charge! Completely dead. It still works fine if I use a cable but who wants to do that. Looks like I'm going to have to call Logitech and send it to them. Has anybody had the same problem and is there a way to reset them? I tried carefully disassembling the left ear piece and unplugging the battery and plugging it back in to see if it would reset but no such luck. So now they only work with a cable and Bluetooth is dead. They will not charge at all. I even tried my more powerful S4 charger but that didn't work either. I'm so bummed because I really liked these headphones but what the hell man?
Ahnaf Al Islam : UE 9000 or UE 6000?
Defyant Mods : Picked a set of these up new for 65 bux au  and i have to agree 100% with you Tyler. The bass boost/NC feature really hides an incredible bang for buck set of cans. You just have to leave it off.... Then amp and wow!  I can appreciate the NC feature to help with portable low power devices but for a cheap set of amp'd home cans i really  do not think these can be beat for for now.

Logitech/UE UE6000 headphones review

Alexander Lasar : I got these for like 4.5 years now and I gotta admit, these headphones sound really well. :D
Rumcajs 9 : Why do they install this fu... piano black that NO ONE likes. It the back was matt the same as the top, those would look way better.
Jonathan Zemel : .... their price right now is 85 bucks, insane.
sam nofel : hey mike how are you.
do these ath ws99 this ue6000 sound idenical ? thanksssss.
Jose Nicolas Morales Requena : This or the Sennheiser hd 380 pro, i'll be using them mostly for dubstep

Logitech UE 6000 Review

My review of the Logitech UE 6000.

Find it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094S36RI/ref=as_li_tf_til?tag=urav-20\u0026camp=0\u0026creative=0\u0026linkCode=as1\u0026creativeASIN=B0094S36RI\u0026adid=1JR9GKB8B051F4DH1MYY\u0026

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wojti cz : Thank you i will buy it now!!!
Chuck Gonzalez : My friend gave me a pair that he used and it won’t pair to my phone, does anyone know why?
megajago990 : 80$ now ebay
Felix : I use the UE 6000 for 3 years now, and I think about buying them again
Odin : Now they cost like 40€. Are they still soo good?




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